Gerhardt Pearson - Eleven Top Investments in Indigenous Australia

Indigenous Australia brings guardianship of the assets of land and sea in many parts of Australia. Our tenure and our lands will only strengthen and expand with history. Indigenous Australia also brings unique knowledge and skills as well as a depth of cultural history that is appreciated throughout the world. In general it may be said that Indigenous Australia is asset and culture rich, but we are poor in terms of having the ability to make cash investments in our enterprises. At this point in our history, we need financial partners and business supporters who will stand with us over the long term. We also need to diversify the sort of investments that are made in our communities. Too often the only investments in our communities are public investments, which though much needed, cannot deliver the opportunities or flexibility that we need to build commerce and industry. So we are actively seeking private investors and partners. The opportunity is there for far seeing corporations, individuals and governments to join with us. Out of the many projects that are in the process of development, in this article I want to draw attention to ten strategic areas. These are areas where long term investors should actively seek discussions with relevant land councils, traditional owners and Indigenous economic development agencies.

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