Ten Laws to Change Australia

We keep hearing about the "new politics" of the Federal Parliament. But so far the new parliament is a fizzer.

In this edition of Australian Prospect we get  into the thick of it. Here are ten draft bills that must be introduced and debated in the Federal Parliament. If they are not then dissolve the parliament and lets radically prune the current crop of professional politicians.

  1. Wild Rivers Amendment Bill
  2. 150 per cent tax deduction for investments in Aboriginal enterprise Bill
  3. Amendment of the Mining Tax/Supporting Aboriginal communities in remote and regional areas Bill
  4. Genetic Modification of Food and Crops Ban Bill
  5. Regional Investment Funds for Aboriginal Enterprise
  6. Consultation with Traditional Owners Bill
  7. Enabling Families and Carers Bill
  8. Native Title Amendment Bill
  9. 100 per cent Deductible Gift Recipiency for Aboriginal Salary Earners Supporting Aboriginal Corporations Bill
  10. Federal Bureaucracy Decentralisation Bill